Hard Goods Including Bulk and Bagged Material


Hardwood Mulch

Hemlock Mulch Black Mulch Screened Top Soil

Delaware River Gravel

1 1/2" - 3"
Delaware River Gravel
3/4" Red Stone

Delivery is available. Charge for delivery depends on which town you live in. Please call for a quote today! 732-287-5222.

Hardwood Mulch Hemlock Mulch Black Mulch Red Mulch Pine bark Nuggets

Potting Soil Top Soil Barton Nurseries Premium Planting Compost Cow Manure 1cf, 2cf, 3.8cf, 5.5cf
Peat Moss

Pea Gravel Marble Chips Mini Marble Chips River Pebbles Pond Gravel

Autumn Red Stone

Pond Cobbles Pond Stone Red Lava Rock

Washed Play Sand


Hay Bale
(Covers 700 Square ft)

50 LB
Lesco Teammates Plus Athletic Seed Mix
50 LB
Contractors Mix Seed
3LB/10LB/25 LB
6 Way Sun N' Shade
Lawn Mixture Seed
3LB/10LB/25 LB
Terre Shade Tree
Grass Seed Mix
3 LB/10 LB/25 LB
Gold Ribbon RYE Blend Grass Seed

Terre Super Lawn-Spur All Season Fertilizer Terre Weed N' Feed
Terre Turf Spur II
Terre Turf Spur II PLUS Fertilizer Penn Mulch
Seed Accelerator

Garden Rich

Bakers Premier Palletized Lime

Granular Calcitic Lime

Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil Bonide Snail & Slug Bonide Eight Bonide KleenUp
Grass & Weed Killer

Bonide Malathion Insect Control

Rose Rx1 Bonide Systemic Insect Control TriStar Insecticide

Healthy Start
Macro Tablets

Terra-Sorb 3oz Packets/600oz Pail
Tree Saver
Plant Saver

20 Gallon Gator Bag

15 Gallon Gator Bag Weed Mat *

Weed Mat available sizes: 3x50 | 3x250 | 4x250 | 5x250 | 6x250 | 8x250 | 12x250
    We also have the Companion Pins available (BOX OF 1000)

Tree Stakes
Available in
2x2x6' Oak
2x2x8' Oak

Chain Lock
Available in
1/2" x 100'
1"    x 100'
Available in
500 FT Roll

Pennsylvania Fieldstone

Colonial Fieldstone White Sandstone

We sell Wall Stones by the pallet.

Gardening Gloves

Pruners Hand Cultivator


Blue Poly Tarps are available in 8'x10', 8.5'x11'4" and 9'4"x11'4"

Mesh Tarps are available in 8'x10', 10'x10', 10'x12', 10'x14', 10'x18', 10'x20', 12'x14', 12'x16', 12'x20' and 12'x24'.

Permalock Aluminum Edging Mill Finish *

Permalock Black Edging *

* Both Aluminum and Black Edging come in 1/8" x 4" x 16' Length Pieces.
Each 16' Piece comes with 5 Stake Spikes. You can purchase additional
Stake Spikes if needed.



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